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Could the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Have Been Prevented

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Updated Dress Code Policy
2013 – 2014

PYLUSD School Board Policies establish that students shall wear appropriate clothing and footwear and groom themselves for school in a manner that does not offend the decency of, reflect negatively on, or detract from any phase of the educational program. The Bernardo Yorba Middle School administration and staff believes that dress affects the academic environment at school, and, in some cases, can be disruptive to the learning environment. Therefore, the following dress codes apply at all times to students while on campus or in attendance at any school event. Due to changing trends in clothing, jewelry, accessories and grooming styles, restrictions may change when necessary. Any item may be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of an administrator. The following guidelines are minimum standards for dress. Parents may set standards which are more restrictive than those indicated in this dress code.
All clothing must be clean, in good repair and worn in good taste: Garments with holes (including “faux” holes), un-hemmed or frayed hems are not allowed. All clothing must be size-appropriate (not too baggy or too tight) for the students. P.E. uniforms should only be worn during P.E. class except with permission of an administrator.
Shirts/Tops: Clothing shall be appropriately modest, conceal undergarments at all times and cover the shoulder. Top wear must overlap the waistline so that no bare midriff or undergarments show. (Low necklines, cut outs, halters, off-the-shoulder, tank tops, sheer garments, and backless dresses or blouses should be saved for non-school related activities, as they do not meet school dress code requirements.)
Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Dresses: These must reach mid-thigh or to the end of the index finger when arm and hand are extended downward. Undergarments cannot be visible in any way. Flannel pants, pajamas, tight sweat pants, leggings, tight skirts (“pencil skirts” or “mini skirts”) are not acceptable school attire.
Footwear:  Students must wear fully-enclosed footwear on campus at all times.
“Flip-flops,” sandals, slippers, and footwear with steel toes are not permitted.
Illegal/Obscene/Offensive: Items (apparel, jewelry, accessories or personal belongings) which could be construed as depicting or promoting immoral, illegal, obscene, violent, or offensive content will not be allowed. Items which depict alcohol, narcotics, tobacco, or drugs are also prohibited. Garments or paraphernalia that suggests gang or tagger involvement/affiliation or reference to such are prohibited. Any item or manner of grooming which by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, universal meaning, or any other attribute, expresses or advocates racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or might tend to motivate student to commit acts that disrupt the orderly operation of the school are prohibited.
Jewelry/Accessories/Sunglasses: Chains (including wallet chains), studded jewelry, and gloves are not permitted on campus. Non-prescription sunglasses are not acceptable school wear. Prescription glasses worn in the classroom should not be so heavily tinted as to preclude teacher-student eye contact unless such tinting is specifically prescribed by a physician.
Hats and Hoods: Baseball caps with the BYMS logo may be purchased at school or from our uniform supplier and may be worn as sun protection outside. Hats other than those with the official BYMS logo are not allowed. The bill of the hat must be worn in front. Hoods may be worn up only as protection from rain.

Personal Grooming: Hair must be clean, neat, and combed so as not to cover the eyes. Extremes in hairstyle, hair color, or makeup (i.e. facial paints, stickers, etc.) will not be allowed. ­Writing on arms, hands, legs, clothes, etc. is not allowed.
Revised 8/23/13

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School District Invites Eighth Grade Families to Academies Night
The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District invites eighth grade students and their families to learn about the academy programs offered in the district’s high schools.
The special evening will be held on Thursday, January 10, at 7:00 p.m. at the Yorba Linda Community Center, 4501 Casa Loma Avenue in Yorba Linda.  
Representatives from all of the high schools will showcase the academies, share courses that are offered and answer parent questions, including how students can enroll in the career pathways.  The academies offer internship opportunities and in some cases college credit or industry certification so that students can enter the workforce if they so desire.
The academies that will be featured include:
•    Digital Media Arts Academy offered at El Dorado High
•    Medical Sciences Academy offered at Esperanza High
•    Val Tech Academy offered at Valencia High
•    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management Academy at Yorba Linda High School

Download the flyer - Click Here 

Previously listed furlough days have been cancelled.

Friday, April 6, 2012
Parents, see how you can participate - Read More

To download flyer with this information - Click Here

Bernardo Yorba Middle School will be presenting a Career Day for the students this year! The date of this event is planned for Friday, April 6, 2012. This unique and special day gives our students the opportunity to enjoy learning about a variety of interesting careers.

We are looking for parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors in our community to share their occupations with our middle school students. If you feel that you would like to participate in this exciting event we would love to hear from you!

For more information or to volunteer to be a presenter, please contact the Counseling office at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Sandy Pendleton
BYMS Counselor
714-986-7400 ext. 22023


Attention all BYMS Students and Faculty:
Now is a great time to recognize staff, students and parents who have gone
“Above and Beyond”
  in their service for BYMS students by nominating them
for an Honorary Service Award.
We are seeking nominations for some special people
who have made a difference at our school.
Please take the time to recognize these special people
by nominating them for this award.

You may pick up a nomination form at the front office or
print the form from the website. CLICK HERE
Nomination forms are due by Friday Feb. 24th.
Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions.

Congratulations BYEU on earning $1,003.85
from the E-Waste Fundraiser with

Read the thank you letter to all the volunteers from AES - Click Here

January 11 2012

Dear Event Volunteers:

Congratulations on earning $1,003.85 towards Bernardo Yorba Entertainment Unit. On behalf of AES Electronics Recycling Inc., I would like to personally thank you for your recent contribution of time to the January 7, 2012 collection event at Bernardo Yorba Middle School. This event could not have been a success without the help of the many volunteers who donated their time.

Due to your incredible efforts the school collected vast quantities of e-waste which will greatly benefit the Bernardo Yorba Entertainment Unit. The collection of this considerable amount of e-waste was all possible due to the dedication and hard work of individuals like your event coordinator Lisa Doble, the students, parents and volunteers whom were a crucial part of the success of the our event. They all went above and beyond expectations to help the event run efficiently.

The uplifting spirit and willingness of the volunteers left us at awe. We are more than happy to collaborate with such great volunteers and coordinator to help benefit this wonderful cause. Satisfied with the outcome of the event, we would gladly participate in any future plans for additional events and hope you feel the same way.

Once again, AES Recycling Inc. thanks you for your efforts and we invite you to continue recycling e-waste to help create and maintain a greener place for all to live.

Event Coordinator
Erica Zuniga
717-C South State College Blvd.
Fullerton CA 92831


Please open the attached flyers and mark your calendars,
print a few for your co workers and neighbors!
Download flyer here

These events will be held on the last Friday of each month.
October 28th is the Halloween Haunting Hoe-Down!

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM   

If you've never been to a Gourmet Food Truck Event definitely check this one out!
They BYEU offers a variety of Gourmet Food Trucks all in one place bringing you the most delicious and unique fare offered in Yorba Linda, and your purchase supports the arts in our schools!

Authentic home style Mexican, BBQ Chuck Wagon, Latin/Asian Fusion, Creole, Pilipino, East Coast style pastrami and awesome chilidogs, Pacific Rim delights, delicious seafood, Brazilian/Spanish Tapas, Vegan delights, Sushi, Korean, Argentinean, Peruvian, Japanese, cupcakes, waffles, homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches, and so, so much more.

ALL, finger lickin’ good treats!
The best part, it's all in one convenient place! Bring your beach chairs, friends and family for a fun & casual picnic dining experience.
Taste foods from all over the world lovingly prepared by award winning, world class chefs… just for you!
Bernardo Yorba Middle school is located at 5350 Fairmont Blvd (off Yorba Linda Blvd).
Every purchase at the event helps to support the BYMS award winning music program.

October's event is sure to please every ghost and goblin.
Come in costume, and have your pictures taken at the photo booth.
Enjoy the music of "Go Country" 105 FM and the home style BBQ from the Chuck Wagon.
We will also feature in our October Gourmet Food Truck Line up the winner of TV's "Great Food Truck Race, The "Lime Truck along with 8 other trucks!"
It's a casual evening of fun, food and fundraising so bring the kids in costume and your appetite, we'll supply the rest!

Call if you have any questions or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Hope to see you there.  5 PM - 9 PM  

Visit us on Facebook "Bernardo Yorba" 

Activities offered in the Community

Educational Support Programs, Sports, Scouts, etc.

The flyers listed below have been approved by the
PYLUSD for distribution purposes only.

These are NOT District or School sponsored activites or events.

Community Resource - Downloadable Flyers
Date Posted


8th Grade
Tuesday, August 20
8:00 - 11:30 a.m.
7th Grade
Wednesday, August 21
8:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Make-up Day
Tuesday, August 27
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

The following forms must be read by both
Parent or Guardian and BYMS Student

(Adobe Reader is required for viewing and downloading)

After reading the required forms, Parent or Guardian will need to:
  1. Fill out the short Online Documents Verification Form, then...
  2. Download the Verification Signature page - which is to be signed by both
    Parent or Guardian and BYMS Student and returned to the school at Registration
  3. Verification Signature Page needs to turned in at registration.

 Registration Information 2013-2014
 Verification Signature Document 2013-2014
 Animal Waiver Form
 Student Code of Conduct
 Instructional Materials Borrowing Agreement
After reading the 2 documents listed above,
  complete steps 1&2 listed below to finish.
                 (bring this signed page to registration)
 District Handbook Forms - English
 District Handbook Forms - Spanish
(Information / Read Only) - Optional Forms

 T-dap Immunization / Booster Letter
 ASB Card
 Parent Volunteer Interest Form
 Library Procedures
 Yearbook Information
 Band and Orchestra
 Vocal Music
 Picture Day Packet
 8th Grade Promotion Party Tickets and Sponsorship Opportunity

Read Enrollment Requirements - before proceeding
Click Here

The following forms must be read by both
Parent or Guardian and BYMS Student

(Adobe Reader is required for viewing and downloading)

 Verification Signature Document 2013-2014
 Animal Waiver Form
 Student Code of Conduct
 Instructional Materials Borrowing Agreement

After reading the required forms above,
including the New Student Enrollment Requirements,
Parent or Guardian will need to:

  1. Fill out the short Online Documents Verification Form - Step 1. below
  2. Download the Verification Signature page - Step 2. below
  3. Both Parent / Guardian and Student must sign verification signature page
  4. Bring Verification Signature page to the BYMS office with other enrollment documents.
                 (bring this signed page to BYMS Office)
 District Handbook Forms - English
 District Handbook Forms - Spanish
(Information / Read Only) - Optional Forms

 T-dap Immunization / Booster Letter
 ASB Card
 Parent Volunteer Interest Form
 Library Procedures
 Yearbook Information
 8th Grade Promotion Party Tickets and Sponsorship Opportunity



The State of California mandates vision and hearing screening for students in public school. The screening for your middle school will be conducted on Monday, February 6th by nurses.  The exam consists of visual inspection of the eye, along with a test for acuity. Hearing testing consists of your child wearing headphones, where tones are presented, and your child will raise his/her hand. 

Parents will be notified by mail if their child’s vision or hearing screen shows a need for further medical evaluation. If you have any questions, call the Health Services Department at 714-986-7170 and speak with a district nurse.

Should you decide that you DO NOT wish to have your child participate in the above screening; a written note by a parent/guardian will be required to be on file. Please give the note to the school’s health clerk.

Thank you,

Health Services



El estado de California ordena que se realice una evaluación de visión y oído para los estudiantes de escuelas públicas. La evaluación para su estudiante de secundaria se realizará en lunes, 6 de febrero por enfermeras. La evaluación consiste  en inspección visual de los ojos, junto con una prueba de agudeza visual. La evaluación del oído consiste en que su hijo(a) se ponga unos audífonos donde escuchará algunos tonos/sonidos y su hijo(a) levantará la mano al escucharlos.

Los padres de familia serán notificados por correo si la evaluación de su hijo(a) muestra que hay necesidad de más evaluaciones médicas. Si usted tiene preguntas, por favor, llame alDepartamento de Servicios de Salud al teléfono 714-986-7170 y pida hablar con una enfermera del distrito.

Usted deberá decidir si usted NO QUIERE que su hijo(a) participe en la evaluación antes mencionada; se requiere una nota escrita por parte del padre o guardián la cual será archivada en el expediente del alumno(a).  Por favor, proporcione la carta a la oficinista de salud de la escuela.


Servicios de Salud

Thursday, March 8th
2 pm til Closing

Click Here for flyer
Present flyer to cashier to receive credit for BYEU

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Superintendent's Budget Letter
Power Point presentation on
current status of

budget shown at School Board Meeting
OC Register story
How new state cuts impacting PYLUS

Budget Suggestions Link

Send your suggestions


Attention Parents and Students!
Please read the Superintendent's letter addressing the
Non Instructional Days
that have been added to the calendar.
Click below:
English ~ ~ Español

Book Fair will be in the library
March 25th- 29th
* Shop with a parent or an adult Monday before school (8:15 - 9:00) or Wednesday before school (8:00 - 8:30). 
  Enjoy complimentary
Coffee, Donuts & Hot Cocoa.
* FREE Bookmark with every BOOK Purchased
* Receive a raffle ticket to win a FREE Best Selling Book with every purchase over $3.00
* Parents are welcome to shop any time during regular book fair hours.  Please sign-in at the front office first.
Shop Book Fair Online March 20th - April 9th

BYMS Scholastic Book Fair webpage


Influenza Preparedness
for School
Tips fo Parents

Click on link below to download copy for printing

Influenza Preparedness for School
Preparación escolar contra
la influenza (gripe)
Consejos para los padres

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(These pages cannont be printed ... download the PDF to print menu)

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